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Supporting childhoods with nature, nurture & love

                    is a growing London based charity supporting children & young people who are struggling with social or emotional difficulties, and helping to create lasting change for vulnerable children's emotional health.



Our volunteers work with disadvantaged children across London to rebuild self-esteem, boost resilience and to help explore challenging emotions and ways of managing. We do this via a range of therapeutic adventures & countryside based respite residentials, in all seasons, as well as through creative termtime afterschool groups. 



We work using the inherent power of the outdoors, animals, nature and the arts. We believe in childhood, muddy trainers, new challenges, self expression, and real human relationships. Our aim is to open up a sense of adventure, freedom and possibility for children who are struggling, whatever life's circumstances.



Above all we believe that every child deserves to feel wanted, special and valued and to experience joy and adventure within their childhood. Free To Be is largely volunteer run and relies on the support of hundreds of like minded individuals each year.

Free To Be

"It helps you be just who you want to be"

(Young leader)

Therapeutic residentials...

build resilience, confidence & social skills through nature.

Creative afterschool clubs...

offer safe spaces for growth and learning new skills.


Leaders Programme

volunteering and leadership for 14-18 year olds.

Individual  mentoring...

provides long term consistency for vulnerable children.

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